If you buy something, buy the best.

In my life, I only bought two pairs of sunglasses. Two pairs of Oakley sunglasses. Yes, they are really expensive, but I never needed another pair. I bought my first Oakley’s when I was 15. Had to throw them away 15 years later because the frame was worn out. Bought my second pair at age 32 and still wear them to this day. They still are in the best condition and I give them a run for my money.

Both pairs cost me about 300$ each. At first, they looked so freakin expensive for a small piece of plastic, but if you look at the return on my investment, it’s a real joke. You can buy a pair at the dollar store, but you end up scratching them so easily and the frame seems to be made of straws.

Where am I going with this? Use the same approach with your health. How many gym memberships did you sign up for? Like most, they sign up in January but end up lasting only a few weeks because you know, this shit is hard, right? So, let’s say an average gym membership cost you 300$ a year, for the last 10 years.

Are you anywhere near the shape you would imagine you would be in with an investment of 3000$? Probably not… only a few will last.

Invest in a trainer, a reputable one, one who fits your personality. If you invest right the first time, you’ll only do it once. Learn as much as you can, ask questions and understand the process. Those who are interested and understand what they do have statistically more chances at succeeding in everything they do.

Coach Eric

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