You don’t want muscles? Really?

When girls say…

''I'm doing weight just to tone up.''

''I'm beefing up too fast with weights.''

''I do more reps to be more cut.''

and guys…

''I just want to be in shape.'' (in what shape?) Round is not a shape?

''I do more reps to be more cut.''

If I understand correctly, they probably listen to and/or read the same magazines.

In all seriousness, here are some benefits of gaining muscle mass.

1. It slows down the aging process. A new study in the Journal of the American Heart Association suggests that older folks who stay active have better levels of key biomarkers related to heart health. The study emphasizes that any type of activity at any level may be more beneficial than the occasional high-intensity workout.

2. You burn fat more easily.

3. It really helps you look like a monster (just kidding, even if there are some who still believe that).

4. It protects the joints. See it as some type of safety cushion when you fall. Let’s say you fall and your arm absorbs the shock. You won’t hurt your deltoid, but one of the rotator cuff muscles will. However, if you have great muscles surrounding the rotator cuff muscles, they will absorb part of the shock, probably saving a few months of time off and a membership at the physiotherapist.

5. Increases your metabolism, so your little weekend cheats (read once every two days, but shhh, it’s our little secret) will be less damaging.

6. More weight on the bar does not always mean a gain of muscle mass. Push more for the sake of your joints, ligaments and most importantly, your bones.

7. More muscle = more insulin receptors. Great help with weight loss and overall conditioning.

8. To improve your posture. The good old myth that we are shrinking as we get older is pure bullshit. Our posture slumps due to the lack of muscle tone and our stature pay the price.

9. To fight Sarcopenia. The harsh reality is that we lose muscle mass with age, up to 50% between 20 and 90 years of age. In addition, menopausal women between the ages of 40 and 50 will lose 1% of their muscle mass each year and will replace lost muscle with fat. Not a desirable option.

10. There are always wankers who do not want to train with the excuse that if they stop training, the huge amount of muscle they will gain will turn into fat when they stop. I never understood this retarded defeatist mentality. Wave the white flag even before you start. That’s awesome champ.

Coach Eric.

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