Did I waste my workout if I am not sore the next day?

Only if you post it on Instagram with the usual #beastmode. Joking aside, there are many factors to explain why you could be sore after a workout and it does not necessarily indicate if you had a good or a bad workout.

Take a newbie, make him do endless sets of high reps, he probably won’t be able to extend his arms the next day. As adaptation sets in, the body gets use to load and workouts, and the soreness won’t show up in the following workouts. The given name of this ‘’symptom’’ says it all; delayed onset muscle soreness.

However, it could be caused by something else. As an example, someone who is not able to meet his or her daily protein requirement will often have a hard time recuperating after working out. The inability to repair damaged muscle tissues will just make you weaker and unable to accomplish the task at hand.

Feeling soreness every new workout is good, but not always the indication of a good workout. Some might feel sore after metabolic conditioning and others will do strength base workouts and walk like Bambi on ice the following day. Nutrition, rest and regeneration are the key players. Get those right and you’ll see gains, or fat loss, faster.

Coach Eric

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