If you want to be a lion, train like lions.

I am always flabbergasted when I see an amateur or ‘’weekend’’ warrior come and ask me for a program while expecting to get crazy results in record time. My reputation might be to blame, but I am quick to remind them all the sacrifices they need to expect before starting anything.

Do not expect to gain lean mass if you are not willing to eat…

Do not expect to look like a fitness model if you are not willing to invest more than 5-6 hours in the gym every week, for months…

Do not expect to gain strength if you are not willing to try and push 6 reps of a weight you thought you were only able to do 5 reps with.

If you are not willing to get your ego crush, have bad days, say no to nights out, booze, cupcakes, chocolate-soya-mokafrapolate, getting up early to get to the gym, sacrifice a few hours of family life, get optimal sleep or take supplements, YOU WILL NOT SUCCEED! Expect hardship, blood, injuries, sleepless nights, stress, etc., because that is LIFE!

In order to be the best, you will need to fail but most of all you will need to keep showing up.

Coach Eric

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