My salad is giving me heartburn ... the lectin conundrum
Let me get straight into this. For years my wife and I would enjoy Sunday afternoon in front of the TV. She'd make a very healthy oven broiled batch of organic chicken wings, dip and piles of raw veggies. No matter how many times I changed out the dip (blaming everything from garlic to black pepper), I would get acid reflux. And I'm no fan of chronic intakes of pepcid AC.
Recently I said,"I've had it . .wings and dip- skip the veggies". Well whaddya know ? No burn, no acid reflux . .sat like a dream. I felt like Big Dave Tate when Nutrition guru John Berardi took him off all his junk food. Dave felt ill and weak trying to endure the sudden shift to the "healthy lifestyle".
Things always seem to happen concurrently with connectivity right ? Or maybe my radar for things recalibrate depending on the book of the month . .
I had just finished THE PLANT PARADOX by Steven Grundy. Much material but one of the underlying tenets was veggies that grew for eons on the ground successfully were likely - akin too Darwin's survival of the fittest- really unpleasant to digest if digestible at all. or animals would have decimated them for ease of nutrients. To simplify- a prehistoric vegan animal ate a pile of raw broccoli and brussel sprouts only to lay down with gas pains off the scale . .and never tried to eat it again. So regardless of nutrient values, the pain of the consumption made it a plant left alone by nature . .we dumber homosapiens endure gastric distension because we need . .oh we need our calcium d-glucarate and DIM or we'll never shed our estrogen metabolites. On the flip side, fruits that ripen out of harm's way like Mangos at the top of a tree or berries on a prickly bush . .they go down just fine- equally loaded with nutrients.
Now for all the E-talk fans of celebrity news, this is the diet Kelly Clarkson used to shed 30 lbs of fat without exercise ! Attending SWIS 2018- Dr. Ken Kinakin's gathering of the elite in our field- included big Stan Efferding of VERTICAL DIET fame . .and one of his rules for successful meal planning includes avoiding gassy veggies . .truly gut health is becoming a pivotal focus for many top Coaches.
So what is one to do when losing their medicine cabinet of a salad bar to avoid tooting themselves into inflammation ?? It seems the freeze dried , powdered veggies have lost their lectins of pain while still delivering the nutrient array we so covet. My favourites include: ATP's Organic Vegan Blend protein ATP's Green and Red Whole Foods ATP's Total Defense Multi Mapped for daily consumption, I would use the Multi @ 6 caps w/ breakfast, 2 scoops of the protein PWO and a tbsp of the Green and Reds in a juice of choice with lunch.
It's all about what we eat and digest. Let your burps and toots alert you as needed- we're all different but for the pursuit of great health.
Who loves ya ? "Coach Mike"

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