Is technology killing us?

EHS or Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity is getting more and more attention. The scientific community (and general population) is looking into it since there is an increasing array of symptoms some people reported such as headaches and fatigue that appeared whenever they were close to devices emitting electromagnetic signals, such as Wi-Fi stations, cellphones and computer screens. Removing or insulating themselves from the signals alleviated the symptoms.

Again, like everything that makes people uncomfortable or scared, or that creates the need to change a very common habit, denial and skepticism take over on the conspiracy theory side.

Although there is still a lot of research to be done, and until the medical community can find a pill and profit from it, it will not be recognized as a condition. I don’t really care about the EMF issues or the Wi-Fi frequencies yet; I’m more into the habits attached to our ever-growing addiction of technology. It’s the best and worst thing that ever happened to our lives.

The best for obvious reasons like fast and free information. The worst, which is fast and free information. As stupid as it sounds, it is something that fucks up everyone’s thinking process in SO MANY WAYS!

  • Even if the source is the most credible one, it doesn’t mean that it applies to you.
  • Smoke and mirror. What you see on social media is often not the reality.
  • It can help motivation, but it can also crush it.

There is also the fact that all this technology can mess with our health in a very sneaky way. Before the advent of artificial lighting, the sun was our major source of light. Unfortunately, the blue light from all this technology is messing things up. The late workers and those who browse and surf the net and social media before bed have a better chance of sleep disturbance than those who let it go a few hours before sleep time.

More research needs to be done on every effect on our health, but logic says that if it has a chance to mess it up for my clients, I keep it in mind and try to adjust the protocols accordingly. Letting go of techno a few hours before going to bed never killed anyone. It will help improve sleep quality, without a doubt, and therefore help get better and faster results.

Coach Eric

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