How do you rate your sleep?

When I try to evaluate people’s sleep, I often get the answer, IT’S OK!

Can you be more vague?

Do you have a hard time falling asleep? Do you wake up often? Can you get up easily in the morning?

For any of these issues to be considered, I start with the basics. Our internal clock is set by our daily habits. It doesn’t work the other way around. You can have somewhat of a control on your circadian rhythm with two things, your pre dodo routine and the time you eat. The warning signs are numerous, and somewhat tricky to read, but not impossible to break.

First, if you eat erratically, at no given time during the day or like ‘’the executives’’, you eat when you have time, this is a problem. I fix my schedule around my eating schedule. First thing I know is when I’ll be able to eat and train, then I move my work schedule around. The last meal of the day is about setting your body into rest mode. I always include more carbs on my later meals, which helps lower cortisol. Keep in mind that your goals always set up the nutrition path. Might not be suited for all. Individualization is always the key.

Trouble falling asleep is what we encounter the most. In general, you should fall asleep around the same time, no pills needed. When you start observing some issues and can’t calm down at night, usually stress is the culprit. However, stress can come in many forms. Mental stress is a bitch while physical stress can be better dealt with. One of the most effective ways to deal with these issues is the pre dodo routine.

Set your pre dodo routine always around the same time. You want to go to bed around 10-11pm? Around 9 pm, dim the lights, turn off all technology devices, grab a book, with paper and cover… No technology, remember? You need to shut the thinking box, slow it down. You are scared of not remembering something for the next day? Keep a paper and pen by your side.

Even better yet, grab a notebook, 4 caps of Optisom, and write down what you are grateful for. Positive thinking before bed can only set the mood for better zzz’s. With our specially designed restful sleep supplement Optisom, you’ll get quality sleep in no time. Make your kids try this grateful log as well. Do it! I dare you. You’ll see a difference in a matter of days. What difference, try it out and you’ll see.

Coach Eric

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