Question of the week  ‘’Why can’t I stop eating at night?’’
There are two possible reasons why you can’t stop eating at night, which are closely related.
First, you probably don’t eat enough during the day. Due to stress or lack of time, usually both come in the same boat, you can’t find the time to stop and eat. If you do, you are stuck eating quick small snacks.
You probably can’t eat due to stress or you just don’t make the time and are getting used to it. It’s a habit. However, when you go back home, stress is no longer an issue and the fight or flight stress response is settling down. Even though you want to make food choices as healthy as possible, the lack of calories and nutrients is going to catch up. Add the stressful day to it; what better way to erase problems than by eating comfort food! For most, once they start, they can’t stop and as a matter of fact, they feel that if they don’t eat their favorite snack, they won’t fall asleep.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there.
The following day, they wake up groggy. They just spent all night digesting instead of resetting their hormones and regenerating. This is the start of a full cascade of problems that will render the following day even more difficult than the previous one.
But remember this is only a bad habit. You just give in to cravings and listen to the sorry excuse that food will make your bad day a little better, which is not true. A few nights of resisting will get rid of this poor eating habit.
How can you stop it? Go for a walk, drink a glass of water, close the TV, close all technology devices and read a book. Try it and you’ll see how fast you can turn it around.
Coach Eric

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