Weekend cheats can mess up your whole week’s progress.
Some people tend to believe that as long as they train hard all week, they can go crazy on weekends and eat whatever they feel like. The problem is that as they go overboard on the weekends, they actually even out the calories. All the hard work they do during the week just goes to waste. They could be in deficit during a few days, but when you round it up over the span of 7 days, they burned nothing, niet, zilch, nada, rien.
Let’s take someone that is burning about 2500 calories a day, which equals 17 500 calories for 7 days.
Monday to Friday they eat clean with a deficit of about 500 calories, which comes down to 10 000 calories for those 5 days.
Saturday and Sunday they eat 3750 calories per day, which equals 7500 calories for both days. So 10 000 + 7500 = they are back at 17 500 calories and regain everything they burned for a week in only 2 days.
On the other end, that hard work doesn’t really go to waste. The choices you make during the week and the calorie deficit will improve your insulin sensitivity but the devil is in the details.
Don’t be fooled into thinking that eating clean all week makes you immune to those weekend cheats. When applied properly, using cheats can actually keep the results coming.
Coach Eric

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