Your Multi may be the insurance to staying slim
In this era of super supplements; nootropics to aid neurotransmitters, beta-agonists to stimulate fat burning and pro-hormone mimickers that can aid anabolic status, the simple Multi often gets left on the shelf.
"Meh, I have a good diet and eat salad (often), I should be good", echoes from many clients. "Ninety percent of Americans consume too little vitamin D and vitamin E; sixty percent get too little magnesium, and fifty percent don't consume the recommended amount of calcium and vitamin A." To highlight the tip of the nutrient iceberg of woe. ~Genes Nutr. 2014 Jul;9(4):410.
Remember our micronutrient status dictates how effectively we can burn or digest our macronutrients (protein/fat/carb) to give us energy to expend and use these same calories . .
French researchers decided to put this to a test and see whether a diet deficient in vitamins and minerals might encourage the advent of overweight mice.
They conducted this experiment by giving the mice half of the amount of vitamins usually contained in their food for a period of 12 weeks.
Interestingly the animals' energy intake didn't increase (ie. they ate the same calories) but as a result of the vitamin shortage, they did become fatter !!
While purists could take this as a clear cut argument for high quality, fresh nutrient dense food in the diet, and they'd be right; my commercial gym clientele limited in time and budget (Whole Foods shopping for groceries or a week in the Bahamas ?), would be apt to pursue a more "normal" diet with a decent multi.
The key to it all according to the French researchers: "The vitamin shortage made the cells less sensitive to insulin, and reduced the amount of the fat sensor PPAR-alpha synthesized in the liver – which reduced the fat burning. AND The researchers also observed evidence of the reduced fat burning in the mice's blood. The vitamin shortage reduced the concentration of the ketone beta-hydroxybutyrate, a substance released when fatty acids are burned."
So as diet goes, a few key tenets would apply:
  • Food diversity (but in season or flash frozen at ripe)
  • Food digestibility (sushi vs stewing beef, ancestral familiarity likely digest better and digestive support- enzymes to probiotics)
  • Food quality (organic for what it doesn't contain, tree ripened for what it does contain, and farm familiarity for knowing the soil, etc.)

But finally, if the diet is average, your multi better be above average. Charles Poliquin used to teach a few signs your multi is of better quality.
It takes many capsules (not tablets) to reach the daily dose- too much compressed into one daily pellet is hard for the body to extract what it needs
No Magnesium Oxide - if this was their choice of Mg, chances are the quality of other ingredients are subpar as well Folate NOT Folic acid- I refer you to the writings of Geneticist guru Dr. Ben Lynch (author of Dirty Genes). The MTHFR gene is compromised in a very large portion of the population which makes Folic acid (the synthetic form of folate) difficult to utilize and in many it can accumulate to near toxicity in the body. A whole different topic but some may need to investigate Folinic acid in addition to Folate Personally I use ATP's TOTAL DEFENSE at 6 caps spread over breakfast and lunch. It meets all the above criteria and more. I have had clients volunteer unsolicited the improvement in energy and sleep as well performance at the gym. But as per above, all of us will take the slimming effect.
Keeping you healthy
Who loves ya ? "Coach Mike"

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