The most feared piece of equipment is?

The prowler/sled!

I often poll my Instagram followers to have a feel about what they want to discuss or understand better. One of the questions I recently asked was: “What is the worst exercise?” And, you got it, the prowler came out on top!

The thing is that the prowler can be very versatile and useful for many purposes. One of my favorite ways to use it, besides destroying people, is for rehab. At times, range of motion is fairly limited in the knees or lower back. Pushing the prowler provides one of the safest exercises to work the posterior chain. It’s very safe and can improve lower body strength at the same time as conditioning. When some injuries limit your upper body, strap on a harness and pull it back or just go for a walk.

I also like to use that equipment to prime the VMO’s for knee rehab while doing backward Peterson walk with the prowler. Start at the tip of the toes and roll your foot down while trying to pull the prowler back. It takes a bit of time to get used to it, but it’s one great way to prime the VMO’s when knee flexion is limited.

Coach Eric

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