Major don’ts in strength training

1. One miraculous program. Many will look at a program and think it is THE program that will bring them results. Not ONE program will give you any desired result. It’s a combination of everything you do before, during and after. So, don’t believe 3 to 4 weeks will give you results.

2. Quantity over quality. Not every repetition must be perfect, but if you start shaking like a leaf at repetition number 4 out of 10, your technique goes out the window and you are looking for problems. The last rep or two might be iffy, but it’s legal. Cranking a few cheat reps never killed anyone, just a few joints, make them count technically, the best you can.

3. Working over injuries. It always leads to bigger problems.

5. Failing to see the fine details. Just like you did not notice that I jumped from number 3 to 5. Now that you just looked, my point is that most people skip to what they believe will fit their needs. Unfortunately, when we build programs, they have a purpose or a goal. Everything counts, as much as your feedback and the effort that you put into it.

4. Yes, 4. Like go back and look at what you did before, it leaves clues. So, when planning the next few workouts, look at what you just did in the previous few months. Here comes the importance of keeping an updated training log. That way, you can’t repeat the same mistakes again.

Coach Eric

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