The two most forgotten habits that improves digestion

As trainers, I firmly believe that we are only as good as the questions we ask and the habits we are able to change. The best of us will focus on targeting the one habit that can kill two birds with one stone. This is where it becomes an art and where experience and knowledge pay off.

However, there are still some little habits, that we often oversee or underestimate, which can have a huge impact on any kind of results desired. Here are two of the most neglected habits that have, in my opinion, the biggest impact on digestive health:

Chewing your food

This one, is the most forgotten and underestimated habit of them all. Busy schedules, lunch meetings and lack of time to eat makes it very obvious, but not chewing enough can be very destructive on your digestive tract. Undigested foods can cause bloating, heartburns, diarrhea and/or constipation. Even more, you are missing out on important nutrients that will help regeneration and feed your gains bro!


How many times a day are you going to poop? Yes! That dreaded question. Not fun to talk about, but it speaks volumes. Think about it! That part of our digestive system is the one that gets rid of all the toxins and waste. Fail to eliminate and your body is stuck with waste inside. That can’t be good right?

Being regular is in the eye of the beholder and that’s where it can get tricky. Ask someone if they are regular and some will answer yes, thinking that once every other day is fine. No way! I aim for once or maybe twice a day, and more importantly, always at the same time. Like every morning. This is the baseline and if you start skipping days or see a change in the pattern, something is up, usually in your nutrition. I look for intolerance, lack of fibers, etc.

Your body works and speaks by showing you symptoms. Listen and learn.

Coach Eric

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