How to plan the best week for your results

1. Write down a list of tasks for each goal.

Example: GOAL: I need to burn fat

TASKS: - Cook meals Sunday night

- Work out Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

- Sleep at 11pm

- Eat 4 meals a day


2. Start with the big rocks

This is the difference between being productive and being busy. Being busy means you probably work on the easiest thing to do during your day. It keeps you busy but doesn’t get you faster to your goal. The big rocks, or the most difficult tasks, are generally the things you should do to be productive. Do it when your energy is at the maximum level, could be after work, at night or first thing in the morning!


3. Learn from the plan

Next week? What didn’t work for the previous one shouldn’t be included.


4. Small goals and big goals

Have weekly and monthly objectives. They obviously feed off each other.


5. Keep it for yourself

It is proven that if you tell your goals, it is most likely that you won’t achieve them. By receiving the acknowledgment of your peers, your brain already has a sense of accomplishment.


6. Tell everyone

Conflicting right? Yeah, some people need accountability. If they tell people, then they can’t fail or give up because of their fear of disappointment. Find your candy.


Coach Eric

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