You get better workouts by…

1. Putting down your phone and doing your set.

2. Having your program on paper. I preferred when my clients had their program on a real sheet of paper. I understand the practicality of having everything on our phone, but there are far more distractions that come around.

3. Starting now. You don’t need to start on Monday.

4. Increasing your weights. #NoshitSherlock right? Using the same weights and same reps as your last workout is a waste of time.

5. Putting five dollars away for every good workout. After 20 good workouts, you can go out and reward yourself.

6. Changing your program right away if it has the name of a celebrity.

7.  Thinking that it is a therapy. Sometimes, it’s not all about grinding and killing yourself.

8. Choosing the right workout buddy. Choose someone that is stronger than you to make greater progress.

9. Choosing the right warmup. You don’t step on the treadmill for 20 minutes when you have to do a big bench session. Step on the bench instead and start at 50% of the workload and build from there.

10. By taking a walk at night. This will bring down your cortisol and relax your body and mind, prepping you to tackle tomorrow’s workout. Walking is good for your body, you just have to choose the right time for it.

Coach Eric

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