Question of the week  ‘’Are bodyweight exercises any good?’’

Question of the week

‘’Are bodyweight exercises any good?’’

Yes! They are a great tool to add to your arsenal, but they have only one drawback.

Enter the law of diminishing return.

When unfit athletes begin a training regimen, their fitness improves considerably. But as they become fitter, as their fitness increases, athletes need more workload or training to keep progressing. It is also impossible to add resistance and in fact, you might even lose weight. Take the Burpees for example, your level of fitness increases and you are losing weight, both making the exercise easier.

There are many ways to manipulate and make these exercises more effective to keep them challenging.

Pair them up

-You can pair up bodyweight squats with isometric holds. Do squats until failure, and hold for as long as possible in the mid range.

For time

-Do Burpees and push ups for time. Alternate 10 burpees and 10 push ups for a given amount of time, let’s say 20 minutes. Do as many sets as possible with as little time in between to rest. The goal is to beat the number of sets in the following weeks.

Just mixing up the exercises can increase the workload, using time, or as many reps as possible for a given rep goal in as little time as possible.

Keep your workout challenging and keep the results coming.

Coach Eric

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