What is the best thing you can do to your body in 2019?

Gain muscle mass.

Which one of these is true?

A. Gaining mass will make you slower.

B. You’ll be less flexible.

C. I will look huge because I gain fast.

D. Muscles are for men.

If you guessed A and/or B, your wrong. While A is a myth, most people think that they can gain an incredible amount of lean muscle mass in a matter of weeks, it just doesn’t work that way (for those who picked C). It’s good if you can gain a solid pound of muscle a month, yes, A MONTH! Keeping it is an even bigger challenge.

You’ll have to eat, especially proteins every day, to gain a fair amount of muscle. You also must maximize recovery, which means sleeping a good 8 hours a night, uninterrupted, have little to no stress in daily life, and have no digestive issues whatsoever. You’ll also have to work on strength a good 3-4 days a week. If you chose D, keep following the advice you read in your horoscope, but I would strongly recommend that you choose your readings wisely.

Sounds easy right? For those who chose C, gaining muscle mass is way tougher than losing fat. It takes a lot more dedication and perseverance and especially a great plan to back it up. Most people think it will show fast, but it doesn’t. To gain an inch on the arms, you’ll need to gain 10 pounds of pure muscle and for those 10 pounds, they won’t even show that much. No one ever became a monster by trying to gain muscles.

Coach Eric

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