What is MagnaPower Creatine?
What is MagnaPower Creatine?
MagnaPower creatine is a combination creatine and magnesium chelate. Creatine monohydrate is on of the most thoroughly researched ingredients on the supplement and it has been conclusively proven to increase strength, power, endurance and various other attributes. The primary reason for taking MagnaPower creatine is to improve creatine absorption into the muscle.
Benefits & Functions.
Benefit; Increased Absorption Rates
Creatine is used to fuel our anaerobic energy system, this means that you want it to be absorbed and utilised as quickly as possible by your muscle cells. The binding of magnesium to creatine increases the rate of absorption into the muscle cells which is exactly what you need to push forward during anaerobic exercise.
Function; How does MagnaPower increase absorption rates?
MagnaPower increases absorption thanks to Magnesiums strong alkaline properties. During creatine absorption a reaction takes place called the lactamation reaction which essentially reduces the bioavailability of creatine. The magnesium in MagnaPower acts as a buffer to lactamation and allows for more creatine to be available in the muscle cell.
Benefit; Increases muscle mass and strength, FAST!
Increasing strength and muscle mass takes time which, at certain points, can appear to be standing still. MagnaPower provides a clinically proven turbo charge to your muscle and strength gaining endeavours and delivers permanent gains in a short space of time.
Function; How does MagnaPower increase muscle mass and strength, FAST?
MagnaPower creatine increases muscle mass and strength at a fast rate by providing your muscle cells with larger amounts of ATP. Larger amounts of ATP mean that muscle fiber contractions happen more often and at a faster rate, both of these are major contributing factors to muscle growth.  
Benefit; MagnaPower increases intracellular water
This may not sound like a benefit and you may even be thinking that it is a fancy way of saying bloated or retaining water. When intracellular water retention increases so does protein synthesis which is a key process in the retention and generation of muscle mass. Function; How does MagnaPower increase intracellular water?
MagnaPower increases intracellular water by allowing for more creatine to enter the muscle cell which is what draws the water into the cell and makes it anabolic in nature.
Benefits; MagnaPower has a high level of bioavailability.
Bioavailability can be defined as the proportion of a substance that is available for effective use once it enters your system. Some products may appear to have fantastic benefits in the complete form but once they enter your system and go through a host ot digestive and metabolic processes they can lose most, sometimes all, of those benefits. MagnaPower retains a high level of bioavailability once it enters your cells to ensure maximum benefits are had.
Function; How does MagnaPower have high bioavailability?
MagnaPower’s high level of bioavailability is down to the protective and buffering properties of Magnesium. Magnesium protects the creatine throughout the ingestion process which allows to arrive at your muscle cells in a more bioavailable state.
How can you get your hands on MagnaPower and its incredible benefits?
MyoPrime by ATP labs packs each serving with a clinically effective dosage of MagnaPower, but that’s not all you get with MyoPrime. ATP labs has designed MyoPrime to go beyond the standard creatine monohydrate formulas on the market. The ingredients in Myoprime have been carefully chosen on not just their own efficacy and merit but on their synergy as the one formula in order to deliver a product that enhances strength, power, exercise performance, recovery time and cognitive function.

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