Simple leg progression

Sometimes, knowing your limits can save your joints and a few injuries. I’ve rarely started doing squats with anyone on day one. There is always some kind of strength discrepancy. Not all exercises are made equal, so some might be better than others to fix those issues. Pick and choose some of these exercises to build yourself a few programs. They are listed from lowest to highest difficulty level.



DB step ups mid-calf level

Swiss ball hip extension & curl

DB step ups knee level

Swiss ball leg curl bi/unilateral

DB split squats front foot elevated

Seated leg curl

DB split squats

Lying leg curl bi/unilateral

Barbell split squats

Standing leg curl

DB Walking lunges

Kneeling leg curl

DB squats

Romanian deadlift

Barbell squats

Barbell deadlift

These are only a few progressions for quads and hamstrings. With the lying leg curl alone, I have about 50+ variations such as plantar and dorsi flexed, toes in and out, 1 ¼, ½, etc. You can have a few months of workouts just with the list above, possibly making the weakest individual to one hell of a leg building machine.

Coach Eric

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