To see your abs, you need to:

Cycle your carbs

Too much carbs are obviously a problem but staying away from them too long can become one too. You should cycle phases of low and high carbs just as you do with your training phases. For example, strength and power phases would require a higher intake of carbs for better recovery than hypertrophy and fat loss phases if one of your main goal is to lose fat.

We must stop thinking that carbs and fat are the usual suspects when it comes to fat loss. Eating too much of them over extended periods of time is the problem.

More cardio is not always the answer.

To see your abs, doing more sets of this and that or doing more cardio is sometime your limiting factor. Doing more is not always the answer. If you do more, you burn more calories. If you create too much of a deficit it will trigger a new cascade of problems and come bite you in the ass after a few days.

Make sleep a priority

If you don’t sleep, you can’t fully recover. Yes, the hardcore ones will say ‘’I’ll sleep when I’m dead’’. Well, you might be getting there faster than you think. There is no point of proving how tough you are by not sleeping. Sleep is your own rest and regeneration cycle. Mess it up and you are just making things harder for yourself. That’s productivity 101 tip of the day.

Coach Eric

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