Question of the week - ‘’Should I lift weights to run faster or jump higher? ‘’

‘’Should I lift weights to run faster or jump higher? ‘’

Without a doubt, lifting weights will make you faster and will improve your vertical jump. Think about it, while jumping up or sprinting your weight is the base resistance. Your muscles have to overcome the resistance as they push your weight forward or upward. Lifting weights to become stronger will help you overcome a resistance greater than your own bodyweight, making it easier for you to run faster and jump higher.

Power cleans are the best to increase the vertical jump and a variety of squats for sprinting speed. However, most people neglect one important aspect of these two abilities: the upper body. When sprinting, the torque of the left leg is countered by the right upper torso and vice versa. When jumping, the legs push the body up but the torso plays a major part in pulling up the lower body.

Upper body strength is as important as the lower body. Every performance should be seen as the body working as a whole.

Coach Eric

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