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‘’Why can’t I eat carbs? Everyone seems to be scared of carbs.’’

Carbohydrates are not the problem, we are. The obesity pandemic does not come from eating too much protein (no, it does not turn to fat, it’s impossible). Fat and carbs are the culprits. I’m not and never will be the calorie Hitler but the equation is simple, you eat more calories than you burn, you’ll gain weight that’s for sure. It’s as simple as that.

There are good calories and stupid calories. Good calories are anything grown from nature itself, or anything that was alive before. Bad calories come from boxes and processed in order to be eaten. Those are basically empty calories, with little nutrients, if any valuable one.

Most people think that carbs are the first thing to eliminate to lose weight and is actually not a bad idea. If you look at what most people eat in a day, you can clearly see that carbs are the staple of their day. Glucose/fructose often disguised in ‘’healthy foods’’, grains and cereals if not downright plain sugary treats.

This is why anyone who wasn’t conscious about their carb intake, that undergoes a carbohydrate (read bad carbs) restricting diet are getting great results. They are just giving a break to their pancreas and liver from secreting so much insulin, which was making them insulin resistant due to the huge amount of carbs ingested daily. When they suddenly limit their carb intake to veggies only, the body responds by making them insulin sensitive, in other words, it can process carbs adequately and use it efficiently.

Once the little detox period of low carbs is done, usually I recommend a good 3 weeks, I reintroduce them slowly with fruits, sweet potatoes and/or wild rice.

No one is the same or has the same response. Maybe you can eat a ton, or you can’t even look at them without gaining a pound. You have to take into account a few factors such as biomarkers, insulin sensitivity, past and present nutrition and as far as a family history of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. It’s often not as easy as simply cutting carbs. Trial and error is the game.

Coach Eric

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