Quality and consideration
In the world of health and wellness, the variables of quality and the virtues of consideration can have a very drastic influence on how good or bad a product is. It’s no secret that, at ATP, we are quality snobs when it comes to what goes into our products—and rightly so! I’m sure you’re curious about how quality and consideration work together in creating the products that raise the standards for the industry.
Let’s start with quality. In the world of health supplements, like anything else, there’s a quality classification system, which is fundamentally determined by the price you want to pay or where a specific ingredient is manufactured. Product quality is half of the equation that determines an ingredient’s effectiveness. Let’s take magnesium, for example. Magnesium is a naturally occurring mineral essential to over 300 different biochemical reactions in the body. You can buy different types of magnesium, which have to bind to another molecule to facilitate absorption in the digestive system; this is called chelation. While pure magnesium might be similar, it’s chelation that determines how well the body will absorb and, in many cases, HOW it will use this magnesium. This is the ethos of the quality aspect, because a lot of products out there will use a less-than-optimal form of magnesium to save money. Our magnesium products always contain the most absorbable forms of the mineral to ensure your purchase will meet expectations. Quality is a pretty black-and-white aspect of the industry, and when it comes to supplements, you really do get what you pay for. But, what about the consideration aspect I mentioned earlier?
When I say consideration, I mean making decisions based upon evidence, education, and reasoning. I’ll explain using magnesium “chelation” as an example. We know that magnesium is important, but how do we know what type of magnesium will best serve our purpose? This is where ATP’s careful formulation practices are a true asset. Our product Synermag has become so popular that we can’t keep it on the shelves! Why? Because it works so well. We could have put just one high-quality form of magnesium in the bottle and left it at that, but that wasn’t good enough. We wanted to make sure this product worked across a broad spectrum. To do this, we considered the different types of magnesium and then combined two very high‑quality and easy-to-absorb forms: glycinate and malate. We then combined two supporting nutrients that work in tandem with some of the more specialized effects of magnesium as a neurological aid in developing neurotransmitters and influencing calm in the nervous system. We ended up with a product that works extremely well in supporting muscular and organ energy metabolism, keeping the cardiovascular system functioning well, and modulating the brain and nervous system to facilitate relaxation and manage inflammation.
As you can see, pairing quality and consideration can yield some amazing outcomes, and is one of the X-factors that make ATP’s offering unlike any other on the market. As I said, with supplements, you get what you pay for. When it comes to your health, priority is always key!

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