Plyometrics and strength

I like to mix things up. One of my favorite principles to play with is contrast training. In this case, I would pair up a strength movement and a fast power/explosion movement that are both similar in recruitment. The goal of this type of training is to maximize recruitment, also called post activation potentiation, on the power/speed/explosion movement by performing slow tempo/heavy strength near maximal effort movement prior to it. Here are a few examples you could try on your own.


Deadlift, squats = prowler, rower, sprints, jumps


Presses = over head throws, front throws, push ups, prowler pushes


Pulls = prowler pulls, ski ergs, rower, med ball slam down, rope slams


What you can do is perform a heavy slow eccentric set with a pull up, let’s say 3-5 reps with a tempo of 4010, rest for 10-15 seconds and go on a ski erg for a 20 sec. maximal effort.


Coach Eric

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