3 most common mistakes when training legs

1. Overlooking structural problems

Failure to address structural weaknesses can lead to more serious injuries. If your knees are buckling in there is a big chance that your VMO’s and/or gluteus medius aren’t firing properly, putting a bigger load on the knee joint and lower back. If your weights have not increased for some time in certain lifts, there is probably a limitation that prevents you to progress. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on our evaluations.

2. Intestinal fortitude

Yes, training the lower body requires a lot of energy. You often have to push the limit for a while to see a slight difference in muscle gain. Persistence remains the key to success.

3. The exercise choice

Unfortunately, the majority goes to the simplest exercises and above all, less demanding like machines and exercises that use only body weight. Don’t get me wrong, bodyweight exercises are great, but as you get better at them, no additional resistance can be added, unless you hold some. But again, the easiest route is doing more reps, not heavier. Doing more reps digs into endurance work, which doesn’t change shit, especially if you want to gain a bit of size and shape. Nothing exceptional has been accomplished in the comfort zone. Be a little afraid of your training.

Have a great workout.

Coach Eric

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