The liver - Your fat burning powerhouse
Had a client recently ask me why I was suggesting a liver health supplement so I decided to do a little blog post on it this morning. I can assure you it’s for primarily aesthetic purposes, health secondary…in this instance. The Liver and Fat Burning When most people think of the liver, they generally think of something that plays a role in the digestive process, helps to detoxify the blood and is a major storehouse for nutrients such as carbs and fats. But what many forget is that the liver is also the fat burning powerhouse of the body and keeping it healthy and functioning optimally is absolutely critical for the competitor. It’s time to start thinking of the liver as a key component of the fat loss process and understanding that achieving optimal liver health can actually help you to drop stubborn body fat and get shredded! Functions of the Liver -filters and cleanses the blood -neutralizes and clears the blood of harmful substances -regulates the levels of several important hormones (i.e. testosterone, estrogen, thyroid, cortisol) -stores and releases glucose and fat as needed by the body -metabolizes and eliminates fat -production of bile (helps to break down fats) -production of cholesterol and other special proteins -stores key vitamins and minerals – such as iron -regulates blood clotting -provides critical immune support How the liver helps with fat burning -regulates fat metabolism through a series of biochemical reactions -Breaks down and eliminates excess fats from the body w/ bile -Helps with production of thyroid hormones T3, T4 When the liver becomes compromised… -Decline in your ability to burn fat -Impaired production of key hormones and enzymes -Bloating and other digestive issues -High blood pressure -Fatigue -High cholesterol Due to things like environmental pollutants, artificial sweeteners and flavoring, food dyes and certain supplements and medications, the liver can take a bit of a beating and become clogged and sluggish. Taking a natural supplement with liver-healing, cleansing and restorative properties can get your #1 fat burning organ and your overall metabolism functioning at full capacity. The one I recommend is ATP Lab Hepatik Defense So if you’re not dropping fat despite your best efforts, it could be that your liver is working against you and no with you.

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