ATP LAB Home Workout Lower Body

We are proud to present the first of a series of training videos featuring two of our certified coaches Cynthia Benoit and Eric Falstrault. This video is for a lower body workout. Our video is only in French, but we have decided to provide a written copy of the workout here to accompany the video if you do not understand the language.

Workout #1 Lower Body

Exercise Repetitions Rest Sets/Duration
A1 Back lunges 10x 60 sec. -
Unilateral Good Morning  10x Each Leg 60 sec. 4x
B1 Iso Split 3x Step
60 sec.
10 sec. Each
Iso Hamstring 3x 10 sec. holds 60 sec. 4x


Watch the full video here

Try our SbP or ISO supplement for your post-workout.

Let us know your thoughts and let us know what you'd like to learn next in the comments section?

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