Hand Sanitizers with ethanol to cocktails for stress

Clearly the COVID-19 lockdown and measures are taking a toll. We could write a book on the psycho-social load to the economic damages but we're good at taking care of you and your health. So that's the tack of this blog.

Epsom salt baths to topical magnesium have shown us the effectiveness of transdermal absorption for wellness. While Ethanol ( a prime ingredient in most of our hand sanitizers) is not easily absorbed as such, there is a degree of load- especially when we do so abnormally frequently.

Even in heavy drinkers, ethanol doesn't kill brain cells. It does, however, damage the ends of neurons, called dendrites, which makes it difficult for neurons to relay messages to one another. Alcohol does the same.

So if I may, a man walks into a liquor store. Is asked to spray his hands with ethanol, buys gin to mix with tonic (add zinc) to fight the COVID get's home, and applies more ethanol in case he got infected while out get the loading?

So a day of disinfecting coupled with regular "stress management" freely from the top shelf will lead to troubles.

The alcohol in the blood starts affecting the heart and brain, which is how people become intoxicated. Chronic alcohol abuse causes the destruction of liver cells, which results in scarring of the liver (cirrhosis), alcoholic hepatitis, and cellular mutation that may lead to liver cancer. For cirrhosis to develop, men usually must drink more than about 3 ounces of alcohol a day for more than 10 years. Consuming 3 ounces a day involves drinking 6 cans of beer, 5 glasses of wine, or 6 shots of liquor. About half the men who drink more than 8 ounces of alcohol a day for 20 years develop cirrhosis.

Clearly I can't quantify for you the degree of ethanol absorption as it relates to your regularity of washing then add to that the cocktails. Most of us have a sense of self when we are mindful of wellness.

Barring less cleaning and fewer drinks (heaven forbid), what can we do to stave off the damage?

"Alcohol itself is not directly responsible for a hangover. Alcohol is a relatively mild toxin. But the enzyme alcohol-dehydrogenase converts alcohol into acetaldehyde, and that substance is very toxic. The negative consequences of alcohol use – including hangovers – are mainly due to acetaldehyde...

...In 1974 the American biochemist Herbert Sprince published an animal study that suggested that supplementation with the amino acid L-cysteine is such a strategy.

Sprint gave lab rats a fatal dose of acetaldehyde, thus imitating the effect of a really serious hangover. 90 percent of the lab animals died within one day as a result of the dose they received.

Another group of rats was given not only the fatal dose of acetaldehyde but also L-cysteine. The human equivalent of the dose that Sprince used would be about 3 g for an adult weighing 80 kg. In that group 'only' 20 percent of the rats died."

N-Acetyl-Cysteine absorbs exceptionally better so 1/2 the dose may suffice.

Milk thistle is often promoted for its liver-protecting effects. It's regularly used as a complementary therapy by people who have liver damage due to conditions like alcoholic liver disease, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, hepatitis, and even liver cancer. Daily use when exposed to the various alcohol as above only makes good sense.

The B-vitamin "cousins" Choline and Inositol are typically indicated as well for liver protection as well as other organs when facing toxic loads from alcohol variants or other exposures.

Choline works behind the scenes to maintain normal liver function through the role it plays in fat metabolism. The liver produces very-low-density lipoproteins (VLDL) as a way to export fats out of the liver for storage or to muscles for immediate conversion into energy.

Inositol also helps maintain healthy serotonin metabolism, and by so doing helps treat many conditions that involve poor serotonin function. Inositol promotes liver health and works especially well when taken along with phosphatidylcholine.

Given all the above, and knowing full well, many of us have been over sanitizing with ethanol and enjoying the stress management of various cocktails, an ounce of prevention NOW trumps the pounds of cure when we're finally through all this.

I personally have been using ATP's HEPATIK DEFENSE as it contains all the above in effective doses. 1-2 caps nightly to aid the liver regeneration that occurs while we sleep will go a long way to keeping us healthy, happy, and fit despite the days of the challenge.

Keep doing good things for you- they add up !!

Who loves ya?

"Coach Mike"

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