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Here is one of the workout programs I gave the attendees for one of my “Strength code club” training camp. This one is for pure hypertrophy, biceps and triceps, in a mechanical advantage like workout, using elbow angles, starting from the most difficult to the easiest movement. You start with the most demanding angle/exercise when the muscle is fully rested and finish up with the easiest when the muscle is exhausted.

A1 close grip barbell frenchpress standing x8 no rest

A2 DB neutral grip lying extension x8 no rest

A3 supinated grip triceps pushdown x12 rest 120 seconds

Repeat A1 to A3 for 5 sets

B1 prone incline spider curls x8 no rest

B2 standing barbell curl x8 no rest

B3 incline 30 degrees db hammer curl x12 rest 120 seconds

Repeat B1 to B3 for 5 sets

C1 pronated close grip triceps pressdown x15 rest 30 seconds

C2 old school one arm concentrated curl (elbow on inner thigh)* x15 rest 60 seconds

Repeat for 2 sets

Just a little something to finish them off if they aren’t already. Focus on the contraction with a slow and steady tempo to feel every fiber of the muscle. If done properly, you will probably feel pumped as hell.

*Arnold was one of the first I have seen doing it in “Pumping Iron” if I remember well. Sit down at the end of a bench grab a dumbbell and put your elbow right about the inside of your mid thigh, to hold your arm in place as you curl up the weight.

Enjoy the workout.

Coach Eric

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