Fat Loss and Hormones: 1
New Year’s is a time when people make resolutions, when they promise themselves to improve their lifestyle. Year after year, many sadly fail in their endeavours, not due to a lack of motivation but due to a lack of understanding. So we ask ourselves how we can maximize our chances of accomplishing our resolutions. We must educate ourselves! Most people think that fat loss is just a game of reducing calories and increasing exercise. Yes, they are certainly important factors but many people often put forth so much effort only to be left confused as to why the scale or the measurements aren’t changing. Most people need to understand that learning how our body works is the real key to understanding how to lose fat. We have a very complex set of hormones called the endocrine system, and each hormone has a specific function. Today we will be focusing on energy metabolism hormones and their role in fat loss. We have our master storage hormone, insulin, which most people know helps the body pull sugar into cells. What many don’t know is that insulin is one of the most important factors when looking at fat loss because insulin can also direct the increased storage of fat cells AND the creation of new fat storage cells! We also have insulin antagonist glucagon. This hormone’s function is the direct opposite of insulin’s: it helps mobilize stored energy from cells so that the body can fuel itself with what many of us have in EXCESS. The trouble is that only one of these hormones can be released at a time, and considering our modern western diet, we are not lacking sources of energy-dense foods. Here is where this becomes an issue. When we constantly eat foods high in carbohydrates, we constantly secrete insulin. The more we secrete insulin, the more we NEED to secrete to allow the body to recognize its signal to store energy. If this elevated insulin level becomes chronic, we lose our sensitivity to the effects of insulin, a condition known as insulin resistance. This is the stumbling block many people struggle with regarding fat loss and the answer is not simply eating less and exercising more. Doing so will put your body into a starvation mode and result in excessive stress on the body, thus preventing the body from burning fat. So now we need to find out how to solve this problem.
ADIPOLITIK Most “fat burners” are highly stimulatory, which according to the clinical literature does help increase the breakdown of fat. There is, however, the possibility of TOO MUCH when it comes to stimulants and we can end up stalling our fat-loss efforts. Adipolitik takes a different approach that focuses on maximizing our natural sensitivity to the signals sent by our energy metabolism hormones. L-carnitine bitartrate: improves the body’s ability to use fat for fuel
  • Helps to directly improve our “fat-burning” metabolism and has been shown to be deficient in a large part of the population
Green coffee bean: improves the ability of muscle to use glucose
  • Reported to have normalizing effects on blood sugar while controlling insulin secretions
Rasberry Ketones: helps us regulate breakdown of fat cells
  • Has been shown to positively affect the hormone-induced breakdown of stored fat from tissue
Wild Mango: helps regulate hormones related to fat loss
  • Has been shown to help control appetite and reduce the body’s ability to store fat
Chromium Picolinate: trace mineral needed to maximize glucose utilization
  • Directly helps our cells’ ability to take in sugars for energy metabolism rather than for fat storage
Saigon Cinnamon
  • Has a positive effect on the rate of glucose metabolism and improves action of insulin at the cellular level
When used in conjunction with the appropriate lifestyle factors, Adipolitik can help the body to normalize the chaos of an insensitive endocrine system. Adipolitik is a strategically formulated fat-loss aid that works to improve sensitivity to hormone signals and, when paired with the proper dietary framework, improves our physiology’s ability to tap into our own energy stores. This should be a useful tool in the battle for fat-loss success. Being educated and taking control of your lifestyle is more powerful than almost anything else in your arsenal. ATP Labs always prioritizes the development of effective products and we make sure that our consumers are well-informed. In future posts, we will dive a bit deeper into this series on fat loss and learn about other things that we can do to move us in the right direction.

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