If there were one exercise you could do, deadlift would be it.

In my opinion is the one with the most athletic potential and essential to increase the strength in general.

By cons, it is also the one that can cause the most injury, especially on the back, if the structural balance is not timely. A simple strength deficit between the hamstrings can cause many long-term issues, or even mess up the entire posterior chain.


Can you gain mass by using deadlifts? Strength transfers to hypertrophy gains. Meaning that the heavier you lift, you improve your higher rep continuum. You’ll be able to lift heavier in your hypertrophy specific rep ranges. Progress and gains, they usually go hand in hand.

Although the deadlift is in priority for the posterior chain, you can increase the range of motion by doing it with a deficit, meaning that you start with the feet on a step to increase the depth, increasing the bend at the knees. You can also use a snatch grip to further increase the range and difficulty.

The time of work will dictate the goal.

Coach Eric

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