Blunt Cortisol During Intermittent Fasting with Myoprime

By Dwayne N. Jackson

Intermittent fasting (IF) is a dieting strategy that requires going for 16 to 24 hours without ingesting calories of any kind. The fasting period is ‘broken’ during a short ‘feeding window’, where you consume a full day’s calories within a 4 to 8-hour time period. Millions of people have benefitted from the rapid weight loss and health benefits associated with IF, but restricting nourishment for several hours on end runs the risk of elevating cortisol (a catabolic hormone) and subsequently decreasing anabolism. As such, many who partake in IF encounter plateaus in progress that are often difficult to break through, especially when the plateaus are hormonally driven by elevated cortisol levels.

A recent study published in The British Journal of Nutrition suggests that β-Hydroxy β-methylbutyrate or HMB, like that found in ATP Lab’s Myoprime, may be an ideal supplement to battle high cortisol levels in those who partake in the practice of IF. HMB is an active anabolic metabolite of the essential branched chain amino acid leucine, which resides in all human muscle cells. HMB is found in foods like avocado, alfalfa, catfish, and citrus fruits.

The Study

Eleven healthy males and females participated in this randomized, double-blind, and placebo-controlled cross-over trial, where they received an HMB supplement or a placebo (1g, 3x/day) during a 3-day meat-free diet, followed by a 24-hour fast. The researchers assessed the effects of HMB supplementation on catabolism (muscle breakdown), cortisol release, testosterone (an anabolic hormone), and resting energy expenditure (REE), during a period of acute fasting.

The Results

Urinary HMB concentrations confirmed compliance with supplementation. Interestingly, markers of catabolism were unaffected by acute fasting; however, with HMB supplementation, the fasting cortisol response was blunted by 32%, with no effect in the placebo group! In males, the testosterone to cortisol ratio (T:C), which gives an indication of one’s state of anabolism, increased 162% from 0 to 24 h of fasting with HMB, but not placebo; this was primarily due to reductions in cortisol.


Myoprime is a premium preworkout supplement formulated with 1.5 g of patented MyoeDge HMBca, 3 g of 99.9% pure creatine monohydrate, 2 g of patented Creatine Magnapower, and 400 mg of PEAK ATP. Myoprime’s Patented MyoeDge HMBca is a unique combination of calcium beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate and vitamin D3. Research supports that HMB promotes significant muscle building and strength benefits, but gains in strength and fat-free mass are only realized when training intensity is very high and vitamin D status is adequate. This is where many HMB based products fail and why Myoprime is formulated with clinically dosed MyoeDge HMBca and 1000iu of Vitamin D3. Based on the latest evidence, MyoeDge HMBca in Myoprime can help you when you are dieting, where you run the risk of driving cortisol up and decreasing your body’s state of anabolism.

Will Myoprime break a fast?

None of the ingredients in Myoprime will break your fast. So, taking Myoprime during your fasting window is perfectly fine. However, to maximize bioavailability of in Myoporime’s formulation, its best to take it within the training/feeding window (creatine requires insulin to efficiently get into skeletal muscle cells).

The cortisol blunting effects of MyoeDge HMB in Myoprime remain long after you ingest it. Although the blood plasma half-life for HMB is only about 2.5 hr. Plasma HMB reaches baseline levels at 9 hr following ingestion, but 70 to 85% of the ingested oral HMB is retained in the body for further metabolism. This is why it takes about 2 weeks to note the benefits of HMB supplementation--- they build over time. In the end, the Myoprime you take today, will not only help with today’s workout, but the creatine and HMBca will slowly build up and keep cortisol levels normalized, providing anabolic protection down the road.

The Doc’s Rx

The research suggests that benefits of HMB supplementation occur at doses of 1-3 grams per day, split into 2-3 doses. With ATP Lab’s Myoprime, you get 1.5 g of patented MyoeDge HMBca in every scoop, along with an efficacious dose of creatine and PeakATP. For maximum absorption of Myoprime we suggest taking up to 2 doses of Myoprime per day.

If you take Myoprime within the feeding window: Your first serving should be taken 30-60 minutes preworkout, for maximum absorption take with a preworkout meal or shake containing protein/amino acids and/or carbs. Your second dose should be taken later in the day with a meal. On rest days take 1 serving when you break your fast and another with your last meal of the night.

If you take Myoprime within the fasting window: Take one serving when you wake and another preworkout. If you workout first thing in the morning, take one serving preworkout and another when you break your fast.


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