Question of the week  “What are the best exercises to slim down the waist?”

A few sets of putting that cupcake down will do the trick. Joking aside, junk food is the prime suspect of a less than desirable waistline and there is no exercise that you can do to “slim down” the waist.

If you believe what tabloids and late-night commercials sell you, you’ve been punked! Obviously, it is way easier to believe that one simple gadget available for five easy installments of 19.95$ can do miracles for you than trying to quit late snacks or afternoon cupcake rewards.

However, there are some exercises you can do to give the “illusion” of a smaller waist with the help of a healthy diet of course. To get that hourglass shape or the so-called “V-shape”, you can put greater work on the shoulders and thighs. If someone has narrow shoulders and wide hips, without almost any leg development, we call it the pear shape. With the help of a great meal plan and exercises aiming for the back, the shoulders, and the legs, you will do a beautiful job on gaining that Hourglass shape with toned legs, slimmed-down waist, and great upper body development.

It applies equally to women or men. You can’t really modify the hip structure, but you can work on the fat that surrounds it. To help bring out the V-shape, shoulders and arms development must be a priority as well as a great legs development to create that coveted quad sweep.

Coach Eric

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