4 quick shoulders training tips

1. Grips are not only important when you work the torso and arms. As an example, you can use pronated grip while doing the prone (face down) lateral raise, which puts even more emphasis on the rear dealt and trapezius 1 and 2.

2. Body angle shifts the load on the shoulder. For the one arm lateral raise, incline your body away at a 45 degrees angle (by putting your feet close to the bottom of the pole and holding on at arms length). The strength curve will shift towards the end of the movement, on the highest part of the deltoid muscle.

3. External rotators are the most neglected muscles of the newbies. You should pull as much as you push, and I would even say pull more than you push. Unfortunately, most people neglect this simple fact of muscular strength balance. It often leads to structural imbalances, which puts a toll on the rotator cuff muscles. It doesn’t take much to keep the integrity of the external rotators. One phase of structural work every 3 to 4 months is recommended. You could also simply add one exercise every phase to target those muscles.

4. Presses are the true test of healthy shoulders, especially the press behind the neck. In my opinion, there is no better shoulder builder than the press behind the neck. Don’t worry, even though there is only a small percentage of the weight lifting population that can manage to do them without getting injured, there are other alternatives. Using dumbells is a way to find the proper line of work without any discomfort. I prefer the neutral grip with the elbows slightly forward. My second best is the famous Arnold Press.

Bonus tip: The shoulders are the most over worked muscles for those who train religiously. Torso training involves them as much as arms and sometimes, even legs can put a strain on them. Like any other muscle groups, you don’t have to trash them all the time. Rest and regeneration is also a muscle builder if done properly.

Coach Eric

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