3 supplements to create workout pump beyond anything you've experienced

Clearly, pump workouts tend to be for those pursuing hypertrophy/muscularity or rehabbing joints that need the nutrient feed and a break on the connective tissue strain. They tend to be higher in volume and shorter in rest periods than the ideal strength workout with higher loads, fewer reps, and much longer reps to acknowledge the inherent CNS fatigue.

The high volume, coupled with shorter rests, will create much muscular damage to the soft tissue (this is a good thing), elevate mTor, lactate, and growth factors, and with enhanced pump, aid in connective tissue healing. Arguably, whatever ergogenics you are taking pre and peri-workout will have an accelerated entry into the musculature as well. This is known in athletic circles as enhancing physical performance by increasing blood flow to the working tissues (through endothelium-dependent vasodilation)... now it sounds important, doesn't it?

For the mind's eye, envision workouts such as Poliquin's GVT, Gironda's 8x8, the beloved "down the rack " training used by first Mr. Olympia Larry Scott, or the Giant sets popularized by Arnold for building size while leaning out for competition. Clearly routines of merit that have proven themself.

So what are the newest supplements that will amplify the pump so dramatically you may start your own Instagram account (without filters) ? . . .


1. AGMASS - is another name for Agmatine Sulfate, also known as guanidine, and is produced by the amino acid arginine. Scientific literature is clear that agmatine increases nitric oxide and conversely the “pump" quite effectively. Agmatine is commonly used for depression, nerve pain, and improving athletic performance, clearly making it an ideal pre-workout player. Recent clinical studies have already shown agmatine sulfate when given for up to 3 weeks, provides a safe and effective treatment for neuropathic pain. Any of you that have endured high volume training, especially while eating minuscule precompetition calories know the inherent value something like this could play. 1 gram pre-workout has shown to be effective in inducing notable pumps with the right regime. Up to 2.67g/day have been taken with no side effects.

2. NITROSIGINE- is created by bonding the amino acid arginine with inositol and the chemical compound potassium silicate. This combination enhances coronary function by improving the effects of both arginine and silicate better than traditional L-arginine alone. Like the AGMASS discussed above, the enhanced pump is predicated on maximizing nitric oxide (NO). At 1.5 g Nitrosigine proved itself a successful dietary intervention for atherosclerosis and bone mineral density disorders, but outperforming L-Arginine and Citrulline, it quickly found its way into sports supplements. While Nitrosigine supplementation increases exercise blood flow and decrease biomarkers of muscle fatigue following exercise it appears to also lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure, so for those with already low blood pressure, it's worth watching for signs of lightheadedness.


3. GlycerPump - is a stable form of glycerol powder with a yield of 65% glycerol content, even when mixed with complex formulations of amino acids. In a nutshell, "[Once] consumed, glycerol is rapidly absorbed and [increases] the amount of fluid held in the blood tissues of the body. Ultimately, increased water volume [can] prevent dehydration, improve workout performance, and allow for extreme muscle pumps during training." Doses of 1g have shown noticeable differences in "pump" relative to the same workout regime. Some have gone as high as 3g dosing but given the synergy of combining the above 3, the need for extra is unlikely.


BONUS - Ingredients 1 and 2 above are basically turbocharged versions of the amino acid Arginine coveted for its ability to raise NO levels consequently vasodilating and enhancing "pump". L-citrulline is a non-essential amino acid that helps the body produce nitric oxide and improve blood flow. It is your kidneys that change L-citrulline into the amino acid L-arginine. Remember it is the Arginine that is converted into nitric oxide, which causes the vasodilation of blood vessels by relaxing the smooth muscle cells that constrict them. A dose of 5g in the biggest of bodybuilders have demonstrated noticeable effects in that workout.

Interestingly, consuming citrulline may increase arginine in the body more than consuming arginine itself. This is because of differences in how the body processes and absorbs arginine and citrulline.

Although citrulline isn’t an amino acid used directly to build proteins, it has been shown to increase protein synthesis by stimulating an important signaling pathway involved in muscle building.

Additionally, Citrulline may also reduce the liver’s uptake of certain amino acids and prevent their breakdown.

Putting it all together:
If pursuing a muscular "pump", the workout regime chosen has to fit the bill

Variations of the amino acid Arginine aid in this "pump" by converting into NO via the kidneys.

The "pump" may also be enhanced by a hydrophilic substance such as glycerol- best consumed as GlycerPump.

Citrulline is an additional arginine precursor of note that may enhance muscle building pathways while preventing the breakdown of various amino in the liver.

All the above ingredients at the optimal dosages given are contained in ATP's E-NOS. Personally, I add to these electrolytes and a full complement of EAA's (essential amino acids) to piggyback the pump and deliver them right into the muscle.

1 scoop of the above three, taken about 30 min pre-workout, coupled with a high volume, short rest regime will blow your mind. Have that camera ready... time to shock Instagram with new material.


Who loves ya?
"Coach Mike"

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