Julie Royer

I started training in 2010 at the age of 29 because I was challenged to compete. I had always been active, but I had never practiced any particular sport. In November 2011, I participated in my first fitness competition, where I won first place in my category. That's when I truly started to love the sport, which helped me to know myself and to further blossom. I continued the competitions one after the other without stopping. Regional, Provincial, 5x National and even 4x the prestigious Arnold International Classic Championship. Nothing was easy, on the contrary I encountered countless obstacles, made tremendous sacrifices and I lived all kinds of emotions. But I always kept focus on my main objectives: learn & evolve each day. I have never stopped training since I started. I continue to push the limits of my body every day and I keep evolving, learning and now teaching the sport. I have been a certified coach since 2013.

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